About chartGen

Update - version 1.3 is here!

I've added in some requested features. chartGen now includes cast-on and bind-off stitches, and the chart will have every 5th stitch numbered to make reading the chart easier. I've also added a "row increment" function for those who want to have their row numbers increase by more than one for each charted row.

The motivation behind creating this knitting chart generator was the struggle to create a pattern (in an easily-readable format) for a lace shawl. I'm a recent graduate of the UBC Computer Science Department and I love creating web applications, so I thought I'd try my hand at this. The initial concept came from astroknits.com knitting chart maker.

This site and the chartGen software are all hand-coded in PHP and JavaScript. JavaScript is used to validate forms and to edit the text whenever a stitch tool button is clicked. PHP is used to check that the entered text is formatted correctly, and to parse it into a chart. The Printer-Friendly chart is generated using the PHP GD dynamic image library. All graphics on the site were created in Photoshop CS2.

The image at the top of the page is a photograph I took of some skeins of Manos del Uruguay craft spun, hand dyed, 100% pure wool that I received for Christmas in 2008.


Extra super shiny acknowledgements to astroknits for the original idea behind this software.

Wondrous jubilant sparkly acknowledgements to the great members of Ravelry.com for all their great suggestions, feedback, criticism, and bug-finding.


chartGen is known to work in the following browsers:
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Known bugs/issues

  • The "Get Printer-Friendly Chart" feature may not work correctly in all browsers. The PHP GD library used to dynamically create the images can be a bit finicky about downloaded graphics.
  • If you click on the page outside the text input area (but not on one of the buttons), the cursor in the textbox may reset to the beginning of the text. You can simply click at the end of your current text, or wherever you next need to add stitches.
  • Very wide charts may not display properly in the "Preview Chart" area.
If you find additional bugs please use the Feedback form to let me know. Please include the name and version of your browser in your bug report.

Feature Requests

Much of chartGen's current functionality is a result of the great suggestions from people who have tried it out. Please feel free to use the Feedback form to submit suggestions to improve the knitting chart generator!

Last but not least...

Thank you for using the software. Knowing that this tool has been helpful to people is a great reward for the work put into creating it.